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Atem Mini Pro ISO — real-time impressions

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ATEM mini is not great for streaming zoom calls. This is only one of the things I do but it is a thing I do.

The problem is that there are no split screen views in ATEM.

I attempted to solve this OBS, reading a zoom window, and sending that to the “external display” of the ATEM input.

The frame rate on the screen capture of the OBS windowed preview is terrible.

Don’t believe me, try and watch this video for more than a minute:

So, that setup does not work.


Atem Software Control


I’m looking for a record disk.

Here are drives I found that work and are recommended:

Don’t get the Samsung T7.

People have had problems with the Samsung T7 and the ATEM Mini. The write speeds are significantly worse than the drives mentioned above.

I suspect that it’s because the drive is USB 3.2 — as opposed to USB3.1, Gen 2.

More words on USB3.1:

Even more words on USB3.1 and ATEM Mini:

Because of the slower bus on my iMac, I settled for the SanDisk Extreme Portable External SSD with 550MB/s thruput.


The single usb out, single HDMI out, no headphone jack setup makes finding a good multi-purpose setup difficult.

These are some areas I’ve found difficulty:

Bottom line, I wish this had more outputs. I’d happily take the hit to size. The “Pro” versions (with recording) should have these — in priority order:


Before buying ATEM Mini Pro ISO, I knew that all channels would be recorded, with ISO mode enabled. I figured the 1TB drive would give me about 1hr of record time. However, seeing that the off channels result in very small files, I could have gotten away with a smaller (500GB) drive.

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