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Assets and artifacts

I believe that everyone contributes to design. As a design systems lead, I employed this belief threw a process of emergant design. Components were extracted and refined, not created in a vaccuum.

”Artifacts to Assets” is what I called it.
The frame emerges from the work. Put enough dots on the board and the pattern reveals itself.

And this informs the work that I’m doing here at Chromatic.
I wholy admit that I didn’t know how to build a video audience for Chromatic before starting. Nobody did. But by putting work on the board, we learn what people expect and how to adapt it to new audiences and formats.

My goal is to develop a set of constraints that support our work. So far, those constraints have changed from quarter to quarter (or we’ve had alternative goals). But my goal has been to develop a framework that supports video as a target.

Unique aspects of video

Video in non-responsive and non-adaptive.

The web is responsive. Change the frame, change the experienc. Video is not responsive. Change the frame and the content may be undesiferable.

The web is adaptive. You can customize, tailor, and personalize an experience to any user. Video is not responsive. Every varient must be recorded or edited discretely.