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Ask A Relevant Question

Networking is hard.
I get that.
As an introvert, the idea of bullshitting people I don’t know doesn’t get me hot.

So I have a strategy.

Target the most important, vibrant, or momentarily esteemed person in a room.
Ask a relevant question.

At conferences, these people are the speakers.

Lot’s of folks get nervous around speakers.
I’ve never understood that.
These people left their families,
Escaped work,
And flew across the country,

I’m not that devoted to my blood relatives. (Sorry, Aunt Sherri)

Speakers are eager to talk with you.
But too often, all they get for their efforts are “sweet talk, bro!” or “you could do that in fewer lines with a ternary.”

It’s easy to stand out in that crowd.
Your one little trick?
Ask a relevant question.

When they’re speaking, listen.
Don’t pounce on errors.
Don’t subvert their position.
Don’t twist the conversation to be about you and your unappreciated brilliance.
Ask a relevant question.

If you can form a compelling question,
You can start a real relationship.
That’s all networking is.

💞 @chantastic

P.S. What’s the most awkward thing you’ve seen someone say to a conference speaker?