Hi Netflix Games UI Team 🎮


I’m really excited to learn more about Web UI role on the Games UI team. Please accept this video cover — it’s the best way to show my enthusiasm about the role.

I’ve included the full transcript (with links) below.

Cover Video Transcript

Hey, Netflix Games UI team. I’m Michael Chan. I thought I’d send a video along with my application.

I wasn’t looking for a strictly engineering position, because I’ve loved working in the content (DevEd) space for the past few years. But reading through the job description, I felt like I had to reach out. Because my experience lines up perfectly with this role.

Four things stood out to me most:

Over the past 10 years, I’ve taught hundreds of thousands of React developers through free resources like reactpatterns.com, my egghead courses, and my podcast, React Podcast.

I even had the privilege of telling the story of React by partnering with Honeypot on their React documentary.

My 13 career has happened at the intersection of frontend component libraries (like React) and backend systems built in Ruby, PHP, Node, Go, etc.

I’ve adored working with teams from product, design, DevOps — you name it — to make sure we build systems that are extensible and sensible.

I’m excited about the Web UI position, on the Games UI team. I think it could leverage all of the experience that I’ve gained to date.

You can find that experience on my LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/chantastic/.

Let’s talk; I’m excited to learn more.

— chan