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Appear Consistent

Appear consistent.
Build your reputation.
Then deviate.

This is what a friend taught be about the game of poker.

You play the game with reputation.
You buy your reputation with consistency.

I suck at consistency.

I get excited by an idea, lock myself away, grind, and blow my energy before I send it.
This has been my program for years.
And it lead to a cycle of self-doubt, self-loathing, and self-soothing.

”Imagine how great it could have been — or might be… eventually.”

But we don’t get partial credit for good intentions.
Life is pass fail.
Things are done or they don’t exist.

My only defense against oblivion is the sacrament of a weekly commitment.
I produce a podcast every Thursday at 5:30a.
And now I write every Wednesday by 1p.

This has been transformative for me.
It’s not novel But it’s working.

If I can’t fit an idea into a weekly release,
I won’t do it —
I won’t ever do it.

When consistent,
The work can be good, bad, or the valley of shit in between.
It doesn’t matter. It’s done.
I march on to the next week.

Do you have a habit around your work?
Weekly, daily, morning, night, what works for you?

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