A chantastic guide to advanced command line

1password Shell Plugins to securely authenticate any CLI

Easy local dev concepts

  • In .env use 1Password Secret Reference
    • Available via the field dropdown
  • This requires use of the op cli AND authentication
    • Not a big deal for local dev
  • Run your script thru the op cli
    • op run --env-file="./.env" -- pnpm run build
    • This version specifies the .env file location

More complicated setup for remote work

  • Same instructions as above with te Secret Reference
  • Isolate your keys into a vault specific to project
  • Visit 1password.com
    • Select Infrastructure Secrets Management provider (or Other)
    • Select Service Account
      • Provide it a name
      • Grant access to your isolated vault
      • Capture your token
      • export=OP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_TOKEN= and use your Service Account Token