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A Hammer Doesn't Make a Chair

When I find a new hobby, I buy the dopest shit right away.

A lot of people delay.
Meanwhile, they obsess and fester over what it would be like to own cool shit.

Not me.
I buy it.


I want to be confronted with the cold, hard, timeless truth that a hammer doesn’t make a chair.

My $10,000 DSLR didn’t make photos.
My $5,000 carbon fiber road bike doesn’t win races. My $2,000 microphone and interfaces doesn’t make podcasts.

Shit can’t make shit.
I make shit.

When I buy the best and leave it to collect dust in my garage, I know that I’m the problem.

So, Take your crappy tools and make something today.
Or buy some dope shit today and make the thing tomorrow 😅

🛠 chantastic