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2023 Next.js

🌱 This post is in the growth phase. It may still be useful as it grows up.

Questions I want to ask people

Sunil Pai

You are a visionary of the web. You were early to React — informing patterns like Render Props. You were early to VR — working on Oculus. You were the first person I saw talking about Cloudflare durable objects. You were the only other person to catch my personal vision for useez, as the superior name for React Hooks.

There’s been threads of frontend, community weaving together around you.

So my question is this:

Beyond the tech, what is your vision for huminaty — playfulness on the web — and how does PartyKit get us closer to that reality?

Michelle …

Social media made communication extremely challenging. You have to present a big, bold, branded to get people’s attention. And you’ve done that so well launching React Miami.

But there’s a dark side to that. People never see the person behind curtain. And feedback can be overly harsh and personal.

I’ve been no stranger to online criticism. But unlike you, it broke me for a couple years. As someone who cares deeply about wellness and mental health. How do practice what you preach, putting yourself on the line to be so open to critique when making such bold moves?


With shadcn/ui, you’ve captured the attention of the pragmatic builder — people who build to build, not build to paint sheds.

I found myself saying that “the dream of bootstrap is alive in shadcn/ui”. I am such a firm believer in your mindset of “paste over packages.” And Radix—Tailwind seem to be the exact right fit for that.

Jacob Thorton said that

With v0 now building extremely capable components on your work, what do you see as the ideal crossover of person an AI in the domain of design implementation?

Vercel have been on an absolute tear with AI-tooling for web developers. As the VC of AI at Vercel, what do developers need to do to stay ahead when machines write write increasingly capable code? Among developers, who will claim the biggest W’s and the hardest L’s?

Rich Harris

This past year we’ve seen a lot of cross-polination of framework-level ideas between Next.js and SveltKit. SvelteKit’s bold filesystem router paved the way for Nextjs App directory. And Runes — while a completely different thing, seem to borrow composability queues from React Hooks. From the outside, that cooperative overlap seems to be possible because of Vercel.

Do you think that UI libraries — like Svelte and React — will continue to get closer together at the framework level? Or do you see them getting further apart over time?