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10 Things I Bought and Loved in 2023

Red whips

If you think can’t find $15 gifts that will change someone’s life, you wrong.

These $1 are incredible. I’ve purchased three sets now and I use them for everything:

  • Loose cable separation.
  • Tying mics to stands.
  • A fidget toy.
  • A hair tie.

These things are so versitile. They’re easily my favorite purchase this year.

[](Buy on B&H)

[](Amazon generic version). I can’t vouche for how they compare.

DEWALT XTREME 12-Volt Screwdriver

Most people don’t need a massive drill. I know because I have the massivest one and it rarely gets used.

This 12v gets used weekly.

We’ve used it to:

  • Construct furniture.
  • Drill pilot holes for pictures.
  • Drive screws (duh)
  • Light DIY

It’s the perfect tool because it has a clutch (like a drill), allowing you to set the max tourque (pretecting your screws and furniture). But it also has a hex collet, like an impact driver for easy loading.

Love this thing to pieces.

Ameran light


Anker charger

Streamer X

mkh 50

Mini AX sound bar

Conrad no shoes

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